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Tax Assessor

Each year in late December, abstract listings are sent to all taxpayers that had a listing for the prior year. All personal property subject to annual listing must be listed during the month of January in order to avoid a 10% late listing penalty as mandated by State law. Because Beaufort County utilizes a permanent listing system for real estate, real property does not have to be listed unless a change in value has occurred. Persons listing real or personal property for the first time should contact the Tax Assessor's Office for listing information.

The Tax Assessor's primary responsibility is to list, assess and appraise all taxable real and personal property each year and furnish tax base figures to the County, Municipalities and Fire Departments for budget purposes.

Starting in mid-2013, your property tax and vehicle registration renewal will come together as one bill in the mail and will be paid with one simple payment to NCDMV online, by mail or in person at the License Plate Agency.

Tax Collector

Real estate and personal property listed for taxation during January are billed as of July 1st. Taxes must be paid on or before January 5th to avoid interest.

Gross receipts taxes on short-term leases of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Equipment are due by the 15th of each month for the previous month's collections.

Beer and/or wine licenses are issued and due May 1st.

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